Snowdrop Slip

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Renowned for its intricate floral pattern embroidery that is smooth to touch, don’t be shy to pamper yourself with this one of a kind lingerie set and feel like a charming goddess each night. Wear it as a base for your favorite accessories or as a standalone piece - either way, you’re gonna look stunning.

  • Comfortable, breathable, and lightweight full-body piece to wear for the night.
  • Makes every day a special occasion.
  • Fits you like it’s tailor-made.
  • The perfect foundation for your outfit.
  • Feels like a second skin.
  • Soft, carefully-tailored, and comfortable to wear a suit
  • Delicate hand-wash only

Made to emphasize your natural beauty and free your body and mind.

Quality Obsessed

We’ve adopted a conscientious approach to sourcing the fabrics, each one of our pieces are made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials. Self indulges in intricate lace piece that fits like a second skin to match your romantic soul.

Elegance & Style

Rimless Lingerie believed in designing lingerie as elegant as the women who wear them. Our products are meant for more than just being worn day by day, they are made to celebrate femininity in the purest state.